Welcome to the HBC Sunday School page! Sunday School is an in-depth study of God’s Word in a smaller setting.

We meet on Sunday at 9:45 am, and have great teachers with unique teaching styles. We have a variety of adult and children’s classes starting from age 0 on. Within each class we enjoy lots of friendly fellowship.

We hope you see you all real soon!

Roger and Eddie
Your Sunday School Crew

HBC offers classes for ALL ages. This section puts the spotlight on just a few of the classes:


Our nursery serves families with children 0-2 years old. It is more than baby sitting. Our teachers have a time of teaching Bible lessons, and as Directors, it is a great feeling to walk by the room and see these small kids in a circle participating in Sunday School.

Our Teachers (Christie and Jill) are experienced and mature, with over 14 years of combined experience in nursery ministry. Our nursery is equipped to handle all baby needs and we look forward to welcoming your child to enjoy Sunday School with us at HBC.

3-5 Year Old Sunday School Class

Our 3-5 year old class is filled with fun, learning and crafts. They start to learn about all the Bible stories and people of the Bible Our lead teacher, Stephanie, has taught this age group for 12 years here at HBC. Denise has been an assistant teacher for 5 years. When the kids come into this class they feel at ease with these ladies and really learn alot at their young age. Bring your kids and let them experience this, too!

Ages 6-8

Teachers Paris and Audrey have been teaching for a combined total of over 15 years. They work closely with each other to share God’s Word with our children. Our teachers love the way the children absorb God’s Word and the love the children share for God and each other. This class is filled with great lessons and games to keep the children eager to learn God’s Word.